How to Restore Dislike Count on YouTube with Chrome Extension

Today billions of people use YouTube every day. Many people love using this platform to share and watch all kinds of videos, from short clips to longer movies. In September 2021, YouTube took the decision and removed the public dislike count from its videos. While this may seem like a small change, it’s actually a pretty big deal for content creators and viewers alike. Well, worry no more. We got you a solution to return dislike counts on Youtube. You can easily download the YouTube dislike counter extension and get the dislike count on any YouTube video.

Return YouTube dislike extension

Since YouTube removed the dislike counts feature, you can dislike a video but won’t be able to see the total number of dislikes on it. The return Youtube dislike extension does that for you. As a viewer, you definitely judge a video based on likes or dislikes, or even as a content creator, you want to know what the audience prefers. This not only helps to make more engaging content but also lets you understand the demands of the viewer. Stand out from others and know your audience better. Just download the YouTube dislike counter extension and get the number of dislikes on videos on YouTube. 

Why did YouTube remove the dislike count?

The reason behind removing the dislike count was primarily to protect the small and growing creators from being bullied and to maintain healthy competition between creators. YouTube stated that these dislikes were not for the content but for the app and need not be shown for every video. Also, as a viewer, you would never even open a video which has too many dislikes on it, regardless of what’s actually inside it. But how can you judge a video without even watching it? It is not an appropriate way and causes a loss to the new budding creators with fewer followers.

How to get YouTube Dislike Chrome extension?

  1. Go to the Chrome web store and search for the YouTube dislike counter extension.
  2. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button.
  3. The extension appears on the toolbar at the top right corner of your window.
  4. Now, go to Youtube and watch any video you want.
  5. You can see the number of dislikes on the video now.

How does the return YouTube dislike counter work?

The YouTube dislike Chrome extension shows you the number of dislikes on a video the same way it was displayed alongside the number of likes. Once you download the extension, you don’t have to do anything additionally or go to any other web page. The extension shows the dislike count just near the dislike button present under the video. Well, why remain unaware of the popularity of the video you are watching? Even if you are a creator, you need to know what your audience loves and their honest reaction to any content you post.

Benefits of the YouTube dislike extension:

  • Easy installation and activation
  • Dislike counts appear on the same page as the video
  • Understand the audience better
  • Recognize trending content

The removal of dislike counts was a very controversial decision. Many new creators were in favour of it, while some think it’s depriving them of their free will to express their views about a video. Well, if you are among the ones who want to see the dislike count, then don’t wait for YouTube to change its mind again. Just get the YouTube dislike counter extension and continue to explore. Keep up with trending content and learn what strategies work for the audience. Have a limit-free experience on YouTube and download the YouTube dislike Chrome extension now.

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